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Fund Raiser Details



Spring Fund Raisers




A variety of Spring bulbs and flowering plants are available for fund raisers. Bring a little Spring into someone's home and at the same time make money for your organization.





Poinsettia in 8 inch pot

Easter Lilies


Easter lilies with multiple big, white blooms are available for churches and other organizations.


Available in:


  • Singles

  • Doubles

  • Triples



Pink, white and blue hydrangeas with long lasting blooms are available. A typical plant will have 5 or more blooms.


Pot Size             8 inch diameter





Potted flowering azalea bushes are available.


Pot Size:                 6 inch diameter

Spring Flowering Blubs


Flowering daffodils, hyacinths, tulips. iris and others are available.


Pot Sizes:


4 Inches           6 Inches

Also available: Violets, Kalanchoe, Callas Lilies and Mums.


All sizes and colors subject to availability. All plants are grown in our Greenhouses and are premium florist grade.


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