Fund Raiser Details



Spring Fund Raisers




A variety of Spring bulbs and flowering plants are available for fund raisers. Bring a little Spring into someone's home and at the same time make money for your organization.





Easter Lilies


Easter lilies with multiple big, white blooms are available for churches and other organizations.


Available in:


  • Singles

  • Doubles

  • Triples



Pink, white and blue hydrangeas with long lasting blooms are available. A typical plant will have 5 or more blooms.


Pot Size             8 inch diameter





Potted flowering azalea bushes are available.


Pot Size:                 6 inch diameter

Spring Flowering Blubs


Flowering daffodils, hyacinths, tulips. iris and others are available.


Pot Sizes:


4 Inches           6 Inches

Also available: Violets, Kalanchoe, Callas Lilies and Mums.


All sizes and colors subject to availability. All plants are grown in our Greenhouses and are premium florist grade.