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It’s Our Heritage to Our Future –

Delivering Quality From Our Home To Yours

Chase's Greenhouse and Florist has been proudly serving the Finger Lakes and Western New York since 1801. We have been and continue to be family-owned and operated. Our heritage has given us a unique perspective on cultivating plants.


The family has very strong roots in both Rush and agriculture. Chase’s began as a farm when the Price Family (many greats back) purchased land in 1801 at the site of the current Gray Barn Market. Between 1850 and 1880 the Price Family began to sell other settlers in Rush vegetable and flower plants at a small greenhouse across from the Gray Barn.

As the years progressed, the greenhouses were expanded at the East Henrietta location when Selden Chase became owner with his grandparents,  Hattie May and Frank Price. The family has been growing plants and delivering floral arrangements ever since.


The farming operation has also grown into Chase Farms with three generations involved in cultivating over 900 acres of hay, straw, corn, soybeans, other grains and cattle.


Today marks 10 generations of family members contributing to the family business, with the next generation close behind. Three generations currently manage and work in either the Greenhouse or Florist Shop.


The Greenhouse encompasses over 2 acres of greenhouse production space. Several more open acres provide additional growing space and areas for acclimating the plants. More than 10 acres are planted providing sweet corn and other fruits and vegetables to our Gray Barn Farm Market.


The Floral Shop features design and display areas, as well as consultation seating. The Gift Shop has a generous amount of gifts, candy, candles and greeting cards on display.


We pride ourselves on providing quality services and striking, beautiful plants and flowers. It’s our heritage and it’s the foundation of our future.


Chase's Greenhouse and Florist has been the Top 250 Teleflora Contributors and Floral Operations for the past 20 years. In 2011 Chase's was recognized by the Associated Florist of Greater Rochester and received the Flower City Founder's Circle Award.

We are proud members of the following associations:


  • Cornell Cooperative Extension

  • Farm Bureau

  • Ohio Florists Association

  • Pride of New York

  • Grow New York

  • Associated Florists of Greater Rochester, Inc.

  • Teleflora

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